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Barbeque has always been manís domain.  It starts in backyards on the barrel pits purchased at the local hardware stores or markets.  Then before you know it that pit isnít large enough.  Family get-togethers and birthday parties just arenít enough. Suddenly the strange sounds of grinding metal and power tools coming from the garage give birth to a much larger pit---a competition pit to be used at small community cook-offs or possibly large national championship competitions.  And thatís how it happened for Frankie Hoch.

Frankie first began competing in cook-offs at the age of 20 with a pit that he had created from an old propane tank hanging around his Grandma Emily Bitalaís yard.  He welded it onto a flat bed trailer and added a small tin roof with pop up sides that provided shade while mopping meat and shelter from the downpour of a midsummer Texas thunderstorm.  This began a long string of cook-offs that would last up through the summer of 2012. read more...

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